Let's talk about justice.




At 12:30, I knew the answer they "tweeted" was incorrect. I knew it because I knew that my answer was right.

At 13:00, the official answers were out and all the tweets with incorrect answers disappeared. They continued with later questions acting as if nothing had happened. With one quick glance, anyone could tell something was off. Why would anyone chooose to discuss questions (38)-(41) before (35)-(37)?


See something off here?

The one at the bottom was posted before the other two.

Initially, it was funny. The people who are paid to teach this stuff  made a mistake. How discrediting is that? That is just laughable. They even explained why their incorrect answers were, in their eyes, "correct". Pathetic. Truly ridiculous.

I am talking about people who make you pay for their teaching. They should and can not make mistakes.

Sure, I heard several people say that reading in this test was more difficult than the previous one. So I will give them that. The test was difficult. That, we all agree.

I grew increasingly agitated as time went on. The more I thought about it, the more irritated I became, thinking of ways to make them apologize.

Too bad I did not keep the shots of those incorrect tweets.

Do they take us to be so stupid that we could not draw some conclusion about their not-in-the-right-order tweets?

Is it wrong that they made a mistake?


Is it wrong that they did not admit making mistakes and acted as though nothing had happened?


What if someone saw the tweets and thought he/she had passed that test, only to find 30 minutes later those tweets gone and replaced with different information? How could they not understand the gravity of this?

They, of all people, should know how their information, correct or incorrect, could affect the test-takers. What they could have and should have done was to admit that they were wrong and apologize, which they have not done yet. 

Are they going to pretend that nothing happened? The more time goes by, the more difficult it becomes to admit making mistakes and to apologize without making their act look calculated and planned.

Who made the decision to erase all the evidence that they had been wrong? Must have been the higher-ups. Thankfully, I do not work for this company. Even more thankfully, the managers in my company would raise hell if anyone did anything remotely like this. I find solace in this fact.

What company tries to delete everything that is inconvenient for them?  Many, actually, and they have been charged with fraud or gone bankrupt.

If their act is not called bogus, I do not know what is.

I am a test-taker and I sympathize with everyone who had their hopes up and then crushed by this act of insincerity.  The test-takers should be treated fairly and righteously. They deserve that much. The school should know how hard the test-takers work and what a difference one (actually the school was wrong about 2 questions this time) correct/incorrect answer could make in the outcome.

The test booklet clearly states that we are not to disclose any information related to the test publicly. Why is this school allowed to "tweet" the answers? I smell nepotism here; the reason must be that they help increase the number of test-takers. Surely the test organization would not admin such thing so I would like to assume that anyone, regardless of who we are, could post the answers on the Internet. If I am not allowed, that would be unfair, wouldn't it? All I want is justice.